Tuesday , February 25 2020

Galaxy Trucker v1.10.4

GalaxyGalaxy Trucker v1.10.4

Can you build a space ship from sewer pipes? Are you willing to face meteors, pirates, and smugglers? Can you fly a five-engine ship after four engines have been destroyed? Then you are our kind of trucker!

We offer good pay, a xenologically diverse crew, and a dynamic work environment. Bonuses paid for prompt delivery.

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Galaxy Trucker, the award-winning board game by Vlaaďa Chvátil, is landing on your device! Build space ships, dodge meteors, and fight off bad guys, all in a quest to be the trucker with the most cosmic credits at the end of the game.

This digital version can be played with up to three other players, either online or on one shared device. A turn-based building system designed especially for this app allows pass-and-play or asynchronous online play. You can also play real-time games online using the traditional building method of grabbing stuff and attaching it to your ship as fast as you can.

For solo play, the app offers a dozen AI personalities and a special campaign mode in which new players can learn the game and experienced players can discover new challenges. The non-linear storyline offers hours of trucking fun as you meet quirky characters and explore the Galaxy.

So head to the space station, grab the best components, and build a great-looking ship … ideally one that can reach its destination. You’ll need cannons to fight off bad guys, shields to protect you against meteors, engines to rocket ahead of the other players, and lots and lots of cargo containers to hold all the goods you pick up along the way. It’s time to become a galaxy trucker!



– epic trucking campaign written by Vlaada

– online quick duel

– asynchronous or real-time online play

– multiplayer single-tablet pass-and-play

– 12 AI personalities for solo play

– real-time or turn-based building

– autopilot for faster flight

– 81 achievements

– no in-app purchases


Czech Games Edition

Czech Games Edition is committed to bringing great games to the international board game community. Since 2007, CGE has produced over 20 games and expansions, including Dungeon Lords, Tzolk’in: the Mayan Calendar, Last Will, Space Alert, and Tash-Kalar: the Arena of Legends. Now CGE expands into the realm of digital board games with Galaxy Trucker.
Vlaada Chvátil

Vlaada Chvátil returns to his computer-gaming roots after creating many successful board games including Mage Knight, Through the Ages, Dungeon Lords, Space Alert, and Galaxy Trucker.

Visit us at: czechgames.com galaxytrucker.com

On Facebook: facebook.com/CzechGames

On Twitter: twitter.com/czechgames, twitter.com/GTruckerapp

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Galaxy Trucker v1.10.4


Galaxy Trucker v1.9.5


Galaxy Trucker v1.9.5



 Galaxy Trucker v1.8.21


 Galaxy Trucker v1.8.21

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