Wednesday , July 15 2020

Galaxy VR Virtual Reality Game v1.0.37 mod apk


Galaxy VR Virtual Reality Game v1.0.37 mod apk The games head tracking uses gyro and compass, using a novel sensor fusion approach this tracking is as good as it gets on stock Android. If your phone does not have a gyro then you can still play it in stereo or mono mode but you will have to move the camera with the right controller stick. There are also some experimental tracking options available for tracking with only compass and gravity sensor.

For a mobile VR game the graphics are great and should achieve 60FPS on most phones.

Look down in game and see your avatar with the game controller in your hands, move a joystick with your thumb and the animation also happens in VR. Play seated with legs up or down, the avatar legs can be posed either way.

Get progressively harder as missions progress.
Dogfighting around battleships.
Racing through techno pipes.
On foot free roaming battles on planetoids.
On foot puzzle mazes with combat.


 Galaxy VR Virtual Reality Game v1.0.37 mod apk

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