Thursday , May 28 2020

Game Studio Tycoon 2 v3.5 Apk (Mod Money)

TycoonGame Studio Tycoon 2 v3.5 Apk (Mod Money)

– Fixes bug where devices with french set as the language would not show text in app
Welcome to the next generation of game development! Game Studio Tycoon 2 puts you in the place of an independent game developer during the early days of the gaming industry. Play through 50 years of gaming history and develop on over 40 different platforms! Expand your studio along the way and hire up to 16 employees!Features:
– Play 50 years of gaming history.- Manage every detail of your studio! Hire employees, create up to 3 separate teams, raise money by getting investors and create games, consoles, and more!- 4 unique locations with room for up to 16 employees!

– Amazing 3d graphics with motion captured animations!

– Two game modes – Play the game as it was intended in normal mode, or test your skills with the unforgiving hard mode.

– Create your own gaming platforms.

– Create and manage Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) games! You can determine the level of support to give the game and even create updates to boost sales!

– Research new technology that you can use to create better consoles and game engines.

– Manage up to 3 teams! Each team can work on their own project allowing you to release games and consoles quickly!

– A clean, minimalistic user interface allows you to play the game with ease.

– Appropriate for all ages


Game Studio Tycoon 2 v3.5 Apk (Mod Money)


Game Studio Tycoon 2 v3.5 Apk (Mod Money)

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  1. Not Feeling It I have played many of the “tycoon” style games all the way through. Just getting started on this one and I am finding the tutorial weak and a lack of help options. It is hard to tell what some of the icons mean and how their values are generated. Granted….I have but an hour into this game and I am sure I will figure some of it out. I am frustrated and believe you should enhance your help menu, tips menu, and/or tutorial.

  2. Great The Game is worth the money but I think there should be a little more themes and maby have storys happen whilst in the game for example game market has crashed losing 50% profit that would be cool plus id like to name my character and maby see the other studios who wins the game awards the only bad thing about the game is it uses a lot of battery but it’s awsome but please add some of my suggestions

  3. Love it! This game is awesome! I love the idea, but there is plenty of room for improvement. Great work overall though! I would say MMO needs the most improvment. Seems that after one or two updates, it just sucks money away. There are many MMO games that live for many of years!

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