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Ganja Farmer – Weed empire v4.4 [Mod Money]


Ganja Farmer – Weed empire v4.4 [Mod Money] Ganja Farmer is a relaxed farming simulator game where you’ll generate income by producing top notch weed, space cakes, clothing and liquor. Sell these to customers for profit. Discover a fun and cartoony world were building your own weed empire is the main objective, but don’t get to relaxed! Make sure you serve your customers on time before they get impatient!


• A large variarity of strains like Super Skunk, Purple Haze, White Widow and many others!

• A relaxed experience that encourages you to chill-out but be the best at the same time.

• Provides a complex economical system which will result in your actions creating profit or making a loss.

• Set in a gorgeous and stunning cartoony world with beautiful hand-drawn images. You have a large area to build on (which can be expanded over time!)

• Lifelike soundscapes and relaxing reggae music to accompany you while you grow and harvest Ganja!


★ Social challenges!
★ Social events!
★ Community chat!

★★★★★ “The resolution on this ding-dong is… SAAACK!” – Joe

★★★★★ ”Who are you running from? Don’t be so silly.” – Cameraman

Enjoy and get your green thumbs on!


Ganja Farmer – Weed empire v4.4 [Mod Money]

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