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Goddess: Primal Chaos JP v1.81.6.121100 Mod Apk


Goddess: Primal Chaos JP

Goddess: Primal Chaos JP v1.81.6.121100 Mod Apk ◇ ◆ Update also regularly in 2018! ◆ ◇

Super popular voice actor luxuriously co-star!
The world recognized high quality MMORPG!
Real attraction and simple operation charm!
No charge or absolutely strong even beginners!
A real-time battle full of presence that fights with fellows!
Hot chat & community!

◆ Update contents of this time ◆

1, Rewards up! Implemented the new function “Tarot”
2, Capacity increase! PVP item “Blessed stone” emerges
3, the dragon arouses, the character & the eidolon status are up!
4, Implement the new system “Weather”!
5, character appearance, icon customization

◆ Game Features ◆

◇ Gorgeous co-star of popular voice actor! Realistic UP in charge of Chara Voice! !
Hanazawa Kana Uchida Shingo Hayami Saori
Yuichi Nakamura Akira Ishida Light Mikawa

◇ I can not imagine the smartphone and overwhelming graphics appeal!
High quality and high freedom royal road MMORPG!
Along with beautiful goddesses and loud ghostly beasts,
Fantasy MMORPG fighting different world hegemony!

◇ MMORPG that can be enjoyed widely with diverse training elements!
Character – breeding, coalescence of eidolons and evolution of pets,
High customizability, exactly infinite …

◇ Action that will proceed crisply with easy operation MMORPG!
Solo mode, even with beginners with auto play complete OK!
One-touch and do not make use of gaudy skills!
Exhilarating feeling of real time battle is outstanding!

◇ Variety rich content! !
Interpersonal warfare and cooperative play are also exciting!
Random events and goddess slots,
Full of loading elements that can not be played!

【Application price】
App body: free
※ Item charge system

◆ ◇ Recommended operating environment ◆ ◇
Supported OS: Android 4.3 or higher
CPU: 1 GHz
RAM: 1 G
※ Some of the performance of the terminal, the operation of the reel may be delayed or the sound may be delayed. Moreover, there is a possibility that the operation of the application becomes unstable due to insufficient memory. In that case, please restart the application after restarting the other application once, restart the model itself, please try again.

◆ ◇ Notes ◆ ◇
Updating and updating resources takes some time. We recommend updating in a stable communication environment such as Wi-Fi.

Kunlun Japan Ltd. Offer
Column game: http: //www.koramgame.co.jp
Contact Us:
Facebook Official Page:
Official twitter:

〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓 Goddess 闇夜の奇跡
Goddess 闇夜の奇跡
Goddess 闇夜の奇跡
Goddess 闇夜の奇跡
Goddess 闇夜の奇跡
Goddess 闇夜の奇跡

– Instant Win
– High attack
– No monster attack
– Open control panel (To change graphics config, unlock FPS up to 120 etc…)
– No Anti-cheat


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