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Grentoria v0.9.5 (Mod Apk)



Grentoria v0.9.5 Mod Apk Spin together the human and dragon ties, let ‘s go to a spectacular adventure with the fellows on the Great Glory!

Characteristics of “Glenria ~ Sleeping Lel Ryuto Akano Warrior No Story ~”
◆ The first ten consecutive gacha of all you can do again!
You can make ten consecutive gacha for free during the tutorial!
In addition, it is possible to redraw again as many times as you want, until your favorite items appear!

◆ Various training systems!
Let’s grow the hero with strengthening weapons and equipment, evolving, skill up!
Give strong hero to the hero with reinforcement of old dragon and skill improvement of dragon skill!
Utilizing the Sphena board system of Tenugi God, the main character further improves status with the opening of inherent skills!

◆ Strategic element to fully rotate the brain!
There is infinite possibility of the strategy, such as a mutual relationship of character attributes, specific skill of each weapon, combination of Tenki God skill!
Also, it is not a dream to reverse one shot at the timing of the dragon skill activation!
Whether you can attack from the front, surprise from behind, the way you fight is all up to you!

◆ Real time multi battle where bonds are born!
Every day there are many multi battle that can play two or four players at the same time, such as duties and brigade quests! Let’s share the joy of victory with the help of everyone even at the boss who can not stand up alone!

◆ Exhilarating full-fledged skill effect
A philosophy of fire and a cherry blossom snowy etc, the special skill effect by each weapon special skill is exhilaration MAX! At the time of the dragon skill activation, there is no doubtful force to gouge a lot of enemies at once!

◆ Individual rich avatar system
You can arrange hair ornaments, clothes, back ornaments, etc. freely according to your preference!
Make your own character according to your mood!

▼ “Grinoria ~ Sleeping Lelle Ryuuto Akano Warrior No Story ~”
The place where people flourished from ancient times Glentoria

To regain peaceful earth
A magnificent battle between the old 9 heroes and the Magus’ army!

The key of the world held by ancient dragons …
The power hidden in the main character …

Together with my friends
Let’s go on an adventure that unravels the truth!

Official account
◆ Twitter

◆ Official website

App body: free
※ There are some paid items

Recommended terminal
Android 4.4 or higher (RAM 2 GB or more)
※ There is a possibility that some models may not work even with recommended version or higherグレントリア -眠レル竜ト暁ノ戦士ノ物語-
グレントリア -眠レル竜ト暁ノ戦士ノ物語-
グレントリア -眠レル竜ト暁ノ戦士ノ物語-
グレントリア -眠レル竜ト暁ノ戦士ノ物語-
グレントリア -眠レル竜ト暁ノ戦士ノ物語-
グレントリア -眠レル竜ト暁ノ戦士ノ物語-

Weak Enemy


Grentoria v0.9.5 (Mod Apk) – ZIPPYSHARE

Grentoria v0.9.5 (Mod Apk) – DRIVE LINK

Grentoria v0.9.5 (Mod Apk) – RACATY LINK

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