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Guns GirlZ – Escape Ragnarök v2.4.42 [Mod]


Guns GirlZ – Escape Ragnarök v2.4.42 [Mod] Plan your escape route and shoot your way out of swarm of zombies. The apocalypse is already upon us. The source is emitting an enermous amount of energy and infecting the weaker minds. Find out the real reason behind it and stop the total destruction of humanity. Stay alert, choose your weapons, rescue your friends and save the world.

If you think you can handle zombies armies in EASY mode, try the additional HARD Mode and see how good your monster fighting skills really are.

Game Features
.Full on action cute school girl characters
.Stunning Anime Manga Character design
.Shoot your way through zombie hordes
.Various types of school uniforms to choose from
.Use differnent types of weapons with weapon-badge combo
.Activate Gashapon to get better equips and items
.Enhance and refine the character’s skills
.Upgradeable firearms and weapons of mass destruction


 Guns GirlZ – Escape Ragnarök v2.4.42 [Mod]


 Guns GirlZ – Escape Ragnarök v2.4.42 [Mod]

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