Tuesday , May 26 2020

Hard Time Prison Escape 3D v 1.3 (Mod Money)


An Epic Story of a Jail breaker in this Hard time prison Escape Game 3D. You have been sentenced to jail for years for a crime you have not even committed. Use simple tools to kill the cops, jail warden and police crew and save your self from their counter attacks.

Prisoner you have been sent to jail for years for a crime you have not committed. Don’t want to waste your life in this torturing hell. Develop a plot to escape from the imprisonment. But it’s not easy as the fierce guards, aggressive wardens and the armed cops are after you. They are going to give you a very tough time and you don’t even have any escape tools and weapons with you. You only managed to find some simple attacking tools like baseball bat. Use it to kill the police men and jail crew by hitting hard on their head and body with these simple attacking tools you managed to find out in the jail.
It’s time to use your skills and wisdom and do whatever it takes to escape. Deal with the counter attacks of the wardens and cops. You are familiar with the daily activities of the cops but remember that Prison escape is not easy and your only chance of survival depends upon how tactfully you manipulate the jail crew. You are all in your own in this escape mission.
It is a very exciting and thrilling police chase game. Use your stamina and try to successfully breakout from the prison. Prove that your area a Professional Jail Breaker and get yourself out from this criminal jail.

Simple and addictive prison escape game
Amazing 3-D features
Real jail environment
Exciting and interesting levels
Easy combating tools


Hard Time Prison Escape 3D v 1.3 (Mod Money)

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