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Historia Apk v1.0.7

Historia Apk v1.0.7


Warning! Once you enter HISTORIA, you may encounter time flying by like crazy!
Anyone who wants to spend time doing something joyful and valuable, don’t hesitate! Install HISTORIA now. It’s the REAL RPG game!

Review by early bird
★★★★★ Once you start with this game it is hard to stop playing. ! Ang***
★★★★★ Worth a shot Kelv***
★★★★★ Love the storyline with much humor in it and as it seems a new game worth trying out before anyone gets to max level Mart***
★★★★☆ Really fun game despite of crashing lately… Kenn***

1. Intriguing story full of wits
2. Original but Unique characters derived from ancient mythology
3. Unique Skillsets for each character!
4. A tactical mind is needed for this Formation Battle System
5. Play more, get more: Reward Level-up System
6. Despite all innovations of the game, we are staying true to the core elements of original RPGs!

Best for users who are…
1. bored of everyday life and want to dive into a new world, striving to become a beacon of justice.
2. sick and tired of typical RPGs with a generic storyline of “fighting and defeating a reincarnated devil”!
3. considering themselves great tacticians and strategists
4. hunters and collectors of items in RPGs
5. appreciative of beautiful artworks and graphics
6. aware of who is Pythagoras

Official global community : https://www.facebook.com/gamehistoria

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Historia Apk v1.0.7


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