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Hopper v1.07 Mod Apk Unlocked


Hopper v1.07 Mod Apk Unlocked Experience the challenge and immersive platforming of Hopper as you blaze your way through 40+ hand-crafted levels across 4 unique worlds:

>Cloud Castle
>Neon Techno

Each world has it’s own style and it’s own challenges for you to master and overcome!

As you hop and roll through the levels, collect as many rings as you can and keep an eye out for the highly valuable and rare gems. You can find Rubies in Blockworld, Emeralds in Clocktower, and Sapphires in Cloud Castle! Use all of the loot you gather to unlock exciting new skins. The rarest balls are waiting to be unlocked:

> Fairy Ball: She is more alive than the rest and moves with grace
> Lotus Ball: A pointy, metallic abomination
> Goo Ball: A gooey and oddly charming ball
> Pumpking: A scheming jack-o-lantern

And plenty more! But it’ll take real skill and patience to unlock these!

Each level has a leaderboard where the best of the best are recognized.
The closer you hit to the center of blocks, the higher your score. Hit them right in the
Center and you get a multiplier bonus! If you hit multiple blocks in a row right in the center,
You’ll get even bigger streaks and crazy high scores!

Happy Hopping!

Check out the global leaderboards here:



Hopper v1.07 Mod Apk Unlocked – RACATY LINK

Hopper v1.07 Mod Apk Unlocked – DRIVE LINK

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