Monday , May 25 2020

Hot Line v1.0 Apk (Full)


“He was a mafia, but this is him last chance for quit job. In one night, he is raided every house and workplace.. Slaughter them all!”

– No scenario, just focus on game!
– One hit for enemies, one hit for yourself. This is “unfairly hard” game!
– Easy gameplay, no hard times for learn.
– Fast game, no loading screen.
– Much more gore, much more action!
– Colorful levels, fun musics and lot of action.

WARNING : Everything used in the game; the game is its own. All hand-drawn and hand-written. All rights reserved.

© Da Vinci Studios 2015

★★★★★ Hot Line ★★★★★ ##


Hot Line v1.0 Apk (Full)


Hot Line v1.0 Apk (Full)

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