Monday , August 3 2020

iLondon: Jack London Stories v1.0 APK


iLondon: Jack London Stories v1.0 APK Experiment with iLondon, and go on a spellbinding adventure with Keesh, and laugh along and engage with a wonderfully witty story replete with London’s famous black humor – the classic Moon Face. To finish, feel the chill grip your bones and course through your veins while reflecting on The Law of Life, London’s profound yarn swept in a snowy maelstrom of mystery and adventure.

Five artists from Barcelona were driven to pay homage to Jack London in this beautifully crafted special edition, dedicated to the centennial of this master’s death. Passion and precision have been meticulously woven to create a truly artful tribute to this American master.

César Samaniego, Aitor Prieto and David G. Fores have lovingly illustrated these three gems, complete with an original soundtrack composed by Miquel Tejada and Gerard Pastor.

The creative team at iClassics has used their wizardry to create a truly fascinating and awe-inspiring journey. Don’t hesitate, prepare a hot tea, grab a blanket, and ensure your bones don’t freeze – the mind can be a powerful thing…

Warning: This isn’t merely another book; this is an interactive reading where the senses are inflamed by wonder and awe.


 iLondon: Jack London Stories v1.0 APK


 iLondon: Jack London Stories v1.0 APK

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