Wednesday , June 3 2020

Imperium Galactica 2 v1.41

ImperiumImperium Galactica 2 v1.41

What’s New

– Blank screen bug fixed
– Design rename + Colony rename functions
– Bug-fixes
– Small bug-fixes
– Rename fleets/planets added (long tap on the fleet/planet info icon)
– Fleets/planets switching bug fixed
– Help icon crash fix
– In-game manual added
– Tutorial video moved to YouTube for easier viewing (requires internet connection!)
Thanks to Mihály Hunyady, Yvain Delahaye, Luca Chiaramonte, Johnathan Butler & Bj Wi
V1.25+: browse the full game manual by double tapping the help (“?”) icon in-game!
V1.2+: please check out the new “View Rotation” mode, under options/game, for experts!Digital Reality presents a genre defining classic…

Relive the golden age of gaming! Take the Imperium in your hands now!

Reintroducing a classic from the golden era of gaming, the original empire building space RTS, Imperium Galactica 2 is back and looking better than ever with new high-res textures and vivid colors. Imperium Galactica 2 features an expansive and unique Sci-fi universe with multiple playable species. Take your empire in your hands and guide it into the future. Use intrigue and spying to weaken your enemies and strengthen yourself or research and build the most powerful military force in the universe to crush whoever would oppose you. Massive battles, universe spanning empires, 3 playable campaigns and countless possibilities through custom scenarios insure you always have something to come back to. Take control, conquer the universe, and lead your species to ultimate domination… for the Imperium.

Key features:
* Deep Real-time strategy at its best
* Award winning game
* One of the original genre defining 4x games
* Explore the galaxies
* Expand your empire through colonization or conquest
* Exploit other species
* Exterminate all opposition
* Huge space armadas
* Battles in both space and on ground
* Deep economy and population management
* Tons of researchable upgrades
* Customizable ships and tanks
* Challenging scenarios
* Galactic alliances
* Spy on your enemies and steal what you need
* 3 unique campaigns
* Playable in English/Hungarian/Spanish/French/Italian/German (*movies are in English only in the initial version!)


Imperium Galactica 2 v1.41


Imperium Galactica 2 v1.41

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