Thursday , May 28 2020

Infested 2-Escape horror game v1.3 MOD APK


Infested 2-Escape horror game v1.3 MOD APK Dare to enter the abandoned asylum full of scary locations?
Download this game now!

❖ Story of the game:
You’re at home and you’re falling asleep. You see a nightmare and the game starts. In the pitch-dark, you only have a camera and you can only see through this camera. The camera is running out of battery so quick and you have to find a key to escape from the house. But after escaping the house, the game doesn’t end. More creepy things will be waiting for you at the forest . And when you escape the forest , the nightmare will end and you will wake up to a new day.

❖ How to play?
You can conduct your character with joystick on the left part of the screen.
You can make your viewpoint with invisible joystick on the right part and in the middle of the screen.
Because of the performance, you should close the active applications when you have a graphic problem or the play is interrupted.
You will fear more than pulugging in headphones.

❖ What are the features?

✔ 3D real and terrible graphic
✔ Impressive voices
✔ Automatic recording system
✔ Easy playability
✔ There are no ads

– This is a scary game!
– First person perspective horror game!
– Escape your fears now!

► Have horror fun…

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 Infested 2-Escape horror game v1.3 MOD APK


 Infested 2-Escape horror game v1.3 MOD APK

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