Tuesday , May 26 2020

Ire:Blood Memory v1.1.1 APK Mod (Mana-CD)


Ire:Blood Memory v1.1.1  THE day of atonement is nigh. Memory has fallen and the Memory  world is broken. Hone your blades, name it, and kiss your Blood  beloved good-bye — you are marching into battle. Gather Memory, redeem the Ire:Blood Memory Apk Corrupt and vanquish the agents of nightmare from the realm. Find your Boon and reclaim Cadmeia from Kerr the Breaker.

Gameplay notes:
– Welcome back to old school, DIY, hard A/RPG.
– Ire requires minimum of KitKat 4.4.2 and above.
– Ire requires a network to play.
— Call/summon companion to arms.
— Invasion, reward and ranking.
— Combat reward system.
– Ire is game controller compatible.
– We bring to you some core combat mechanics of PC/Console games.
– The three tenets to advancing in Ire are tactics, upgrades, and grit.
– Know your foes, kite enemies, use your environment.
– You will die a lot in this game.


Ire:Blood Memory v1.1.1 APK Mod (Mana-CD)


Ire:Blood Memory v1.1.1 APK Mod (Mana-CD)

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