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Island Survival – Craft 3D v 1.2


Island Survival – Craft 3D vSomething strange happened, and you were trapped in the world of pixels and cubes. You are alone on the island swarm with wild hungry animals and no one can help you.There is no guarantee you can survive even one night, but you can try. Meet Island Survival – Craft 3D – extremely addictive simulator of wild life in amazing blocky design.

HOW TO PLAY: Explore the open world – try to find some food, find a place to sleep, try hunting. Also you have to fight with hungry wild animals unless you want to be eaten. At night you have to be extra careful, because wolves are going to eat you. You can start a fire to scare them.

Island Survival – Craft 3D game features:
• Island survival simulator 3D;
• Crafting and mining;
• Wild animals hunting;
• Beautiful blocky design;
• March of day and night;
• Open world adventure.

Prepare to survival game – play Island Island Survival – Craft 3D – it’s absolutely FREE! Good luck, and let’s start our horror island experiment!


Island Survival – Craft 3D v 1.2


Island Survival – Craft 3D v 1.0

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