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Island Survival Simulator 3D v1.4 (Mod Apk Money)

Island Survival Simulator 3D

 Island Survival Simulator 3D v1.4 (Mod Apk Money) To save your game progress tap «save» button in the pause menu
What is it like to be a man, lost and lonely, spending his time on vast survival island? Enjoy picturesque ocean views, wading through the jungles inhabited by wild animals and try to stay alive! You are the only survivor stranded alone on this desert island, so it’s high time to fight for your life! Battle against wild island predators, hunt or go fishing to find food, find special survival tools and weapons and try to discover all the secrets of this hostile environment with Island Survival Simulator 3D!

Explore Cartoon Island with this amazing survival simulator in 3D! This place is desert and sometimes might be dangerous. Try to make survival island your home, staying alive also would be great… Find survival tools and try to quarry stone or hew trees – it would help you to craft your own tools and weapons. Hunt for wild island animals barehanded or craft primitive gun, make a fishing rod to provide yourself with fish, build shelters to hide from predators, gather or plant ground food! Live a life of a hunter battling against animals or try to survive as a tiller – it’s up to you to decide. Spend time on this survival island waiting for help to come and try to upgrade your exploration, battling and survival skills! Face dangers and prove your bravery with Island Survival Simulator 3D game!

Find survival tools such as weapons, axe, fish rod or quarry resources exploring Cartoon Island and be ready for amazing survival adventure full of dangers! Use resources to craft weapons for hunting wild animals, as well as materials for building a shelters. Upgrade your battling, hunting, fishing and survival skill spending time on this godforsaken place! Train yourself character hunting and battling against predators, but don’t forget to mind indicators! Survivor has health, energy and fullness rates. If one of them drops – there is no chance to survive! Various tools such as axe or cartoon fish rod would help you to stay alive! Hunt, fish or gather plant food to make it your next meal! Find treasures, quarry resources, use powerful weapons and stay alive at all costs playing this ultimate survival simulator in 3D! Enjoy your time on Cartoon Island waiting for help with Cartoon Survival Island 3D! It’s high time to get your survival skills to work, but be careful – this island is full of wild predator ready to attack you! Battle against animals to save your life, use powerful weapons and guns and make this desert harsh place your home! Check Island Survival Simulator 3D and gain ultimate experience exploring tropical jungles! Use all your exploration, battling and hunting skills and feel like a real survivor!

Island Survival Simulator 3D features:

– Great survival simulator in hostile environment – Cartoon Island
– Health, energy and fullness indicators for your blocky survivor to mind
– Find or craft survival tools and weapons, craft resources, build houses – do anything possible to make your life safe and comfortable
– Hunt for wild animals, gather plant food or go fishing to find food
– Amazing 3D graphics

Spend time in this vast dangerous place with Island Survival Simulator 3D! Upgrade your hunting, fishing, battling and exploring skills with this survival simulator and spend time waiting for help to come Discover all secret places to find useful items, hide from wild predators and try to escape from this dangerous place (if it’s possible, of course) Thrive in this hostile environment – Cartoon Survival Island. Being a survivor is not easy as it seems!

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Island Survival Simulator 3D
Island Survival Simulator 3D
Island Survival Simulator 3D
Island Survival Simulator 3D
Island Survival Simulator 3D
Island Survival Simulator 3D


 Island Survival Simulator 3D v1.4 (Mod Apk Money) – USERSCLOUD

 Island Survival Simulator 3D v1.4 (Mod Apk Money) – DROİDUPLAOD

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