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JustFishingSim v 1.2 (Mod Money) Apk


JustFishingSim v 1.2 (Mod Money) Apk  the game is made more simple, no constant online-map using Internet connection any more.
It may be a kind of the educational app for the ice and feeder fishing.

All should be intuitively simple: tap objects and use popup menu. And system Android menu (under MENU button).
In whole, imagine youself on a real ice fishing where all should be made by the fisher – watch, remember, replace: you can choose the place, trolling there making a play with the rod, checking and replacing baits, rods with lines, lost lures, having time for shopping.

1) Now it is only offline game – no server anymore, it was unpopular.
2) This app is just for fun – waste you time, if you need.
3) Set the map scale to see the position well.
4) For feeder at least hooks and a sinker are required (sure, normally the ground mix and feeder tray are needed)
5) The rod should be controlled like in the reality – by both hands: finger is on the wheel and the line is pulled by screen swipes up and down to the hole (note the finger skin sensitivity is important for fast line control). But there is alternate control way.
6) Hooking strike if a fish is biting is required to hook it, fish’s self-hooking is probable, as in reality, but not so often.
7) Troll lures do not need bait, if not on the bottom – wait for predators
8) Point of fishing is important: pits (> 15m) or slopes to a pit are better than shelves (up to 6m depth).
9) Do not forget to sell your fish (manu on any base), to get coins: all things cost money

Also there is the Simple control in the ice fishing dialog menu: by screen buttons (not by phone accelerometer vibro sensor), the hooking strike is not required, playing the indicator is possible by just his tapping.

The fishing base on a shore is needed, as usual, for restocking the baits, lures, equipment.

Fish behavior in the app is already realistic: better biting, if the lure is animated, bait is fresher, line is thinner; if the line is thick – biting is more rare, but fish is bigger, chance to break thick line, sure, is lower. Fish can go away any time, and more often, if the lure is small for the fish. The line break (and lure loss), of course, is real, the bigger fish the much probably, and for sure if the fish is very big for your line currently chosen. The fish resists pulling the line into the ice hole: the bigger fish, the faster pulling – if line is pulled out up to the double bottom length – it is broken.

Small licensed fish (of limited size allowed to caught) can make you a poacher, be ready for fine on the base, if such fish not released, but … all the time, if you’re lucky.

Summer fishing: if the weather is warm in the chosen point – the fishing will be either in a boat (by winter rods, if you are on the water), or by the feeder tackle (bottom) on a shore. As in the reality for the feeder fishing – go to the water shore very near. Do not forget to purchase on any base the needed equipment: hooks, feeder trays, feeding ground mix. Next select tackle parts, mix, load the tray by the mix. For casting – tap the handle and use reel to out. Cast out by the screen swipe towards the water depth – the casting is calculated phisically very realistic for the 3 m rod (cast rod speed, angle, flying time, distance, time for the tackle sinking).

Calculation of the caught fish weight is based on real statistics, by the special formula, the system app menu has this function to manually calculation.


JustFishingSim v 1.2 (Mod Money) Apk

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