Thursday , May 28 2020

King of High schools in Tokyo v1.0.8.120 APK MOD


King of High schools in Tokyo v1.0.8.120 APK MOD ★★ Open King Of High schools in Tokyo that is a ova of the hit game The King of Highschools in Seoul.★★
★★ More than twice as much as bigger scale!! New Endings wait for you. ★★
★★ Open Commemoration Event Implementation ★★
We give every user who buy this app Service Code that you can obtain 5,000,000 gold.
Visit the official homepage or Facebook page.

★ All of 318 High Schools in Tokyo of Japan Fight a War
★ Data of about 8,000 students had various abilities are applied to the game.
★ Added new 9 Characters.
★ Added new 3 Endings.
★ Supported Rank and Achievement of Google Play. Challenge to achieve more then 60 varieties of achievement.
★ Game UI is renewed.
★ Added a Game Tutorial.
★ Balancing mana levels for more aggressive play.
★ A big fall in game narrative time. You will have to wait just a second during use skip button.
★ Added new Attack Effect.
★ Added a student type system.
★ modified defence system.
★ More powerful Custom mode. Now you can set the all parameter.

※ Important Playing Tips ※
– Cheat system that are helpful to game play in this game are hided. 🙂
– You can enjoy more easily the game if you use cheat button at game setting.
– If you want a lot of cheat keys, visit the official homepage.

[Game Introduction] This game similarly progresses as a turn method such as the famous strategy simulation game Romance of the Three Kingdoms.
Unify Tokyo in Japan through fierce battles and diplomatic wars.
This is the shortcut you can unify by recruiting a talented student to the student council, developing the school, suitable alliances and oppositions with other schools.

Let’s start to unify Tokyo!
[Game Character] ◈ Now, all of high schools located in Tokyo fight a war.
◈ About 8,000 students had various abilities appear.
◈ In custom mode, you can make your school and friends fight a war.
◈ The play progresses for 3 years until the main character enters into a school and graduates from the school.
◈ Cheat codes that give special abilities help your play.
◈ You don’t need to give money and buy items in on-line such as no leading account and no paying in-app etc.
◈ There is never smart push(message) that comes in and out of season. Free at the smart push!
◈ Achieve about 80 missions!
[Language Aid] – This game supports Korean, Japanese and English.
– If you that want to use languages of your own country ask through the e-mail, official homepage and Facebook etc, we will convey language packs.
– If you translate language packs conveyed as languages of your own country, we will apply to the game.


 King of High schools in Tokyo v1.0.8.120 APK

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