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Lane Racer v1.0 Mod Money


Lane Racer v1.0 Mod Money horrible app game is set up to not be winnable, there are time that no matter what you do all 4 lanes are blocked! forcing you to have to pay, lousy game that needs way to many permissions to run, don’t install!

Lane Racer v1.0 Mod Money Need work Obstacles placement need to be reworked. Difficulty should increase gradually, there is no value and reward in staying alive for long. It’s flappy bird level of difficulty, i don’t dig that.

Lane Racer v1.0 Mod Money Useless I don’t mind losing on a game because i made a mistake but when you fail because an add pops up during fast paced game….don’t bother downloading

Lane Racer is a true test of your reflexes. Tap left or right to change lanes and avoid the traffic! Collect gold coins to unlock new cars! A simple, fun and addictive Multiplayer Arcade game.


Play With Friends in online Multiplayer mode. Have multiple battles with your friends at the same time in endless Turn Base Multiplayer mode.


★ From the creators of Bird Climb & Spider Square
★ Free To Play
★ Simple 1 Touch Controls
★ Online Multiplayer
★ Play With Friends
★ 2 Difficulty Modes – Easy & Normal
★ Beautiful Minimal Art Style
★ Leaderboards and Achievements
★ Cloud Save
★ Android TV Support (coming soon)
★ Game Pad Support (coming soon)


Lane Racer v1.0 Mod Money

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