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Legend of Eden APK v2.5.1 [Mod]


Legend of Eden APK v2.5.1 [Mod]  great ancestors struggled to fight the demons, expelling them to the west. Survivors erected large fortresses along the Western mountains in order to repel the advances of demons as the relentless attacks did not cease. A League of courageous heroes was formed to be the guardians of peace and defenders of the innocent. These brave heroes will fight to banish the demons forever. You as an Aldebaran College learner will be responsible, along with other noble heroes to train and finally combat these cruel demons.


– Graphics Fantastic 3D involve You “in a world 360 degrees!

– Control your player with easy gestures, touches and slips!

– Choose your adventure in a plot with depth and many different ways!

– Face exciting challenges in over 100 unique dungeons!

– Play as five different characters, each with 9 different skills!

– Evolve and fight alongside your favorite pet!

– Team their wards to increase skills, combat and personalization, your character!

– Battle with friends in PVP or PVE continue to play to increase your points!


 Legend of Eden APK v2.5.1 [Mod]


 Legend of Eden APK v2.5.1 [Mod]

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