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Lost Age v15.0 (Mod Apk)


Lost Age

Lost Age v15.0 (Mod Apk) “Lost Age” is a native and original RPG adventure game with dinosaurs and primitive characters as the theme. The game has the characteristics of daring to innovate, cute graphics, refreshing battles, easy to use and has rich gameplay and content. The game takes real skills and level gameplay as the main core, allowing players to experience a variety of rich skills, level designs, easy-to-use equipment, pets and talent systems. It is truly a Fun and Easy game to play.

What if that meteorite did not land on Earth? The game tells the story of a dinosaur era that did not experience a meteorite collision, but still reproduced when humans appeared. In the peaceful and primitive tribe. They live in peace with dinosaurs that are also human’s best friends. Until a group of evil wizard tribes appeared, they captured the dinosaurs, turning them into their fighting tools. Peace-loving primitive people need to break through layers to finally defeat the evil tribe and save themselves and dinosaurs.

Let the Hunting Begin!

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※This game is rated for 12+ according to GSRR【Games Software Rating Regulations】
※ This game contains violent, non-blood & slightly terrifying contents.
※This game contains a top-up store. You are advised to spend wisely according to personal interest,liability & ability.
※Playing for long hours might affect your health.
You are advised to take intermittent rest & exercise regularly.
Lost Age
Lost Age
Lost Age
Lost Age
Lost Age
Lost Age

High DMG
Dumb enemy (not all)

NOTE: Game need OBB

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