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Maggie’s Movies – Second Shot v30 (Mod Apk)


Maggie's Movies - Second Shot

Maggie’s Movies – Second Shot v30 (Mod Apk) Life in Hollywood isn’t easy, and Maggie has her work cut out for her this time!

Your favorite director is back in the time management game Maggie’s Movies – Second Shot! After the box office success of her indie movie Prohibited Love, Maggie is now directing a feature film, Immense Darkness. But in Hollywood, you’re only as good as your last movie so the pressure is on.

Maggie is finding the stress of directing a major motion picture a little too much for one person to handle. Actors with egos the size of the screen, a co-director who takes MORE of Maggie’s time and the looming shadow of “make or break” combine to make Maggie’s job even more difficult. If this film isn’t a success, Maggie’s benefactor is out of a job.
What she needs is someone with time management skills! Are you game? Can you help her with the myriad tasks she has to perform? They will include directing actors, assisting the crew as well as arranging every detail of the sets from a pirate ship down to flowers!
As if this weren’t enough, Maggie’s father is busy taking Pulitzer Prize-winning photographs in the most dangerous, war-torn areas of the world. Maggie wishes he would also make time to be a dad to her.
Can Maggie juggle everything that’s going on and reconnect with her father? With your help, she just might make it.
🍿 Learn the ins-and-outs of making a blockbuster movie
🍿 Put your time management skills to the test
🍿 Discover gorgeous tropical locations
🍿 Hold the crew together and finish the movie
🍿 Master 60 story levels and an extra 18 challenge levels
🍿 Fall in love with a dramatic story, both on and off set
🍿 Upgrade the movie sets with new equipment
🍿 7 movie-themed mini games will make you feel like you’re directing a movie!

Try the first few levels for free! Then choose to unlock the full game with an in-app purchase, or subscribe for a free trial of our subscription plan!

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🍿 Maggie's Movies - Second Shot 🍿
🍿 Maggie's Movies - Second Shot 🍿
🍿 Maggie's Movies - Second Shot 🍿
🍿 Maggie's Movies - Second Shot 🍿
🍿 Maggie's Movies - Second Shot 🍿
🍿 Maggie's Movies - Second Shot 🍿

Unlock the full version
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