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MagicOfTheThreeKingdoms v1.2 apk

MagicOfTheThreeKingdomsMagicOfTheThreeKingdoms v1.2 Forget your sword and spear battle!!
Now the dawn of magical era arrived.
Awake your power and join the new battle of Action RPG.
New features is waiting for your challenge; Treasure hunt, Tower of eternity, Daily maze, Three kingdoms Wars, Hero Wars, Ranking Match, and Guild Raid.

– Set up your team strategy, win and lose in Magic Battle
– Specialise your hero with particular skills
– Free control of your hero
– Over 200 weapon and item with enchanting skills
– Over 1,000 mission
– Richer from daily mission
– Climb up the Tower and challenge more skilful enemies
– Join a guild and challenge to others
– Join Weekly tournament and get more prizes.


MagicOfTheThreeKingdoms v1.2 apk


MagicOfTheThreeKingdoms v1.2 apk

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