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Mahjong Solitaire Dragon v3.0 Mod Apk

Mahjong Solitaire Dragon

Mahjong Solitaire Dragon v3.0 Mod Apk Are you looking for a free mahjong solitaire for your android device? Now you’ve found the best one! Mahjong Dragon is not a traditional traditional chinese mahjong only, but also one of the most exciting quest games that suggests making a great journey along the ancient map of China with treasures and lots of Asian miracles.
You’ll prefer this Solitaire Dragon to other mahjong free games, because:

– a breathtaking quest with multiple levels, obstacles and surprises
– beautiful mahjong tiles including seasons, butterflies and pandas!
– NEW mahjong village tiles!
– easy game mechanics
– unique style of mahjong towers at each level
– charming music
– fairy mahjong backgrounds and tiles that will make you feel like in a magic world of Dragon!
– online shop where you can buy lots of unique tiles and backgrounds
– random mahjong option

Don’t hesitate while choosing between japanese mahjong, hong kong mahjong or original mahjong game. Now you’ve got an amazing combination of the best of all mahjong games!

Do you have a mahjong mania and always looking for a new mahjong to connect different kinds of tiles? Do you want to try something funny to play with or maybe something charming? Then choose this solitaire with tiles of mahjong panda and butterflies that will give you a lot of fun!

Among all other free mahjong games online this solitaire the most outstanding one. It comprises many different components which make this app so exciting and entertaining. Being a pair matching game and a challenging quest at the same time, Solitaire Dragon can satisfy each of you.

How to play this free online mahjong:
– click on a pair of identical tiles to remove them from the board.
– if a tile is grayed out it is not active and you can’t select it
– you can match different flowers or different seasons
– make your own way along the magic mahjong map, earn coins, pass through gates and discover more and more mahjong wonders!

With this new Mahjong Dragon you can not only play mahjong solitaire free, but write an incredible mahjong legend where everything is possible!

Cute tiles of an exquisite design, elements of mahjong classic, lovely background music and a fantastic quest game – you’ll get all in one mahjong!

This mahjong solitaire is so epic that you’ll forget all other free games with pairs once you play it. Just imagine yourself a traveler in a land of mahjong gold, an explorer and a gambler at the same time!

Dare to start a super mahjong journey free, discover new horizons and enjoy playing tiles with original images while listening to mysterious music. Become a real mahjong master! Leave more and more levels behind and return to them whenever you want! All you need to do is choose a random mahjong function and pass your favorite levels again and again!

You’ve never had such a variety of tiles before! Mahjong butterfly, panda mahjong along with classic mahjong tiles are waiting for you!

Get ready to become the best among all mahjong titans passing the most elaborate mahjong quest free until the end. Leave your mahjong trails on the map with the magic road to Chinese treasures.

Install this new game on your tablet and spend some wonderful time with free mahjong games to play offline or online right now!

Mahjong Solitaire Dragon
Mahjong Solitaire Dragon
Mahjong Solitaire Dragon
Mahjong Solitaire Dragon
Mahjong Solitaire Dragon
Mahjong Solitaire Dragon

1 – Unlimited Coins (add free coins & your coins unlimited)
2 – Unlimited Energy (Increase Instead Of Decrease)


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 Mahjong Solitaire Dragon v3.0 Mod Apk – DROPLOAD

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