Wednesday , July 15 2020

MineKeeper : Build & Clash v0.9.5 Apk

MineKeeper : Build & Clash v0.9.5 Apk


A big monster with a bristle, a masked monster with blue colored skin and a monster wearing a helmet and holding a huge scythe! The monsters took away your peaceful and sequestered mine. You have to take your mine back by defeating all the boss monsters that stole your mine and minion monsters that harass workers. You must raise your troops, defeat all the monsters and take back your mine!

● You are an owner of a mine that produces gold and oil.
Produce gold and oil using your miners.

● Raise your troops and protect your mine.
Greedy enemies aiming at your mine are surging.

● Combine diverse units.
Combine archers, legions, wizards, gladiators and berserker, And Defeat monsters.

● Use powerful heroes.
Rule the battle with powerful heroes; Hercules and Meriln. They are different from normal units.

● Make your troops stronger using equipments and enhancing the equipments.
If monsters are too strong, then enhance your equipment. You can experience a lot stronger units.

● Win battles using heroes and units.
Win the battles with monsters and achieve trophies!

● Expand new dungeons.
Defeat a boss monster, and expand to a new floor!

● Experience a Mine Keeper style that combines styles of Clash of Clans and Dungeon Keeper.
Enjoy new game styles you have never experienced!

MineKeeper : Build & Clash v0.9.5 Apk

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