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More! Gold! Now! – RPG Clicker v1.51 (Mod Money)


More! Gold! Now! – RPG Clicker v1.51 (Mod Money) More! Gold! Now! is a quirky take on idle and clicker games – combining RPG and fantasy elements with cold hard capitalist gameplay. Tap and click frantically to make a rich old king even richer. King Norman doesn’t just want to be a Millionaire, a Billionaire won’t cut it, he wants an endless, infinite pile of gold. He wants to be the most obscenely rich king in all the Kingdoms.

Build and upgrade Castles, Blacksmiths, Alchemy Labs and more to earn mountains of gold. Make endless incremental upgrades to your lowly, idle peasants – the unsung heroes of the Kingdom. Send heroes out on dangerous adventure filled quests to bring back money and riches. Prestige to unlock massive gold bonuses and to replay the adventure for near infinite fun.

Don’t be idle! The faster you tap, click and upgrade the more rich you become. Unleash your inner capitalist, embrace the adventure and go from being a lowly millionaire, billionaire to a… quadrillionaire?!

+A fun and original mix of clicker, idle and endless gameplay in a fun fantasy RPG setting.
+Endless incremental upgrades to unlock. Loads of buildings to build and more to discover in your Kingdom.
+Take your heroes on hilarious adventure filled quests.
+Rich 3D graphics – day and night.
+Quirky audio and voice acted characters.
+New updates every month!


More! Gold! Now! – RPG Clicker v1.51 (Mod Money)

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