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Mr Moustache Alex v1.1 APK Mod


“Mr Moustache Alex is one of the most impressive gaming platform, with graphics that rival consoles

Perfect platform, so it’s definitely something you should consider picking up … The game is so insanely fantastic, I just want more of it. “- Android Police

“Mr Moustache Alex He returned to his family and take a giant wealth, which he inherited from his father, had been stolen and come out looking for the thief and are looking for Pena mountains and caves to regain my fortune Be thou in helping me in my fortune regained

• alive
Vicious traps and solve puzzles based on physics through 24 levels of platform treacherous adventure.

Supports game controllers and C b made for Android devices, cloud Remember leaderboards and achievements.

* Particular game console, and C b have the minimum requirements of the selected device. Check compatibility with the game console or manufacturer gamepad controller. TV Android users only: Required compatible gamepad to play. Not required gamepad to play on mobile devices

If you experience problems after “finished downloading content” and can not continue, please try the following:
On your device, go to Settings> Applications> Google Play then press the “clear data” and “clear cache”. After this, restart the game run

Mr Moustache Alex v1.1 APK Mod


Mr Moustache Alex v1.1 APK Mod

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