Monday , May 25 2020

MUERE SANTA MUERE!!! | Stair Dismount

MUERE SANTA MUERE!!! | Stair Dismount

Hola GerMiners!!! Ya saben quien no va a recibir regalos este año :3 #Etiquetas #turbo dismount #ElRubiusOMG #PewDiePie #STAIR DISMOUNT – [LuzuGames] #FREE FALLIN’ – Let’s Play – Stair…Needs a fix for Intel based devices My memo pad 8 can’t play this game at all for some reason, every time the ragdoll touches any surface, the game stops for 5 seconds before continuing, making for some horrid game play I get 30+ fps when I am not actually dismounting my character, so I know its not an issue with the GPU, please fix.


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