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My Virtual Manga Girl APK v 0.5.6 (Mod Money)


My Virtual Manga Girl APK v 0.5.6 (Mod Money) Your girl anime or manga ‘Chan’ is now on your device. You can change the eyes, hair, clothes, colors, landscapes for your lovely anime girl. Choose between beautiful landscapes in the background and records the image as wallpaper or share with friends. She is your Loli girl so kawaii and cute !! Capture and draw the anime poses. Now with free public manga Chat (beta).
Enjoy movements and animations in 3D, you can rotate 360 ​​degrees to fully enjoy their positions.
It includes mini-games to earn coins and many more features to enjoy with your virtual girlfriend Manga. You can see your girl manga in the real world with virtual reality.
The manga girl will behave like virtual pet or virtual girl, so you’ll have to meet their needs for food, sleep and fun.
You’re not a true otaku if you do not love this app! Only for anime lovers.

* Free public manga Chat (beta).
* New: Cat eyes and ears kitten
* It’s free
* The best app based on the girl “Chan Unity”
* It is very kawai and cute
* Ideal for lovers of manga drawing, to be able to fix a position and rotate 360 ​​°
* Ideal for cartoonists human postures, fixed pose and rotate to your liking. Capture the image to draw, share or unique wallpaper.
* Your virtual pet funniest anime you can dress her, change eye color, hair, clothes and accessories.
* Minigames including to earn coins and spend on food and accessories store.
* Level of virtual reality, take your girl to the real world!

Simple one-touch operation
Repeatedly press the buttons on the left to go making combinations with the Manga girl clothes, eyes, hair and landscapes.
If you leave the app it remembers the last combination. The icon in the top left makes a screenshot ready to be assigned as wallpaper, wallpaper or lock to be shared. You can capture the screen while doing animations to capture a single instant of the movement. Continually update and improve the app taking into account the views of users. Using virtual pet, virtual girl or virtual girlfriend it is proposed by our most otaku users.

Package: xicamanga

These contents are licensed under the “Unity-Chan” License Terms and Conditions.


My Virtual Manga Girl APK v 0.5.6 (Mod Money)

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