Wednesday , June 3 2020

Mystery of cursed misty woods v 1.6 (Mod Ammo/Money)


The misty horror forrest is one of our most terrifying horror 3D games with a mysterious and terrifying atmosphere full of paranormal activities happening in the middle of thick fog of forest. In this game you are ex us army marine soldier who after his professional soldier career end up living in his little house in the dark forest.
This one mysterious day he is the forest chopping wood when suddenly it becomes misty, air starts to stink with a horrible smell of dead bodies and although fog is so thick our marine see’s zombies rising from their graves placed in forest graveyard. Would you survive the scary day of apocalypse. If you have a great precision and reflex
of shooting, skill in chopping with axe and you will stay brave and focused you surly will. If you lack good aiming or you easy gets frightened in scary situation no chance for that.
Features :
✔ chopping zombies with axe
✔ shoot unded with shotgun
✔ blood all over the screen
✔ mysterious paranormal activities


Mystery of cursed misty woods v 1.6 (Mod Ammo/Money)

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