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Nanuleu v1.14 (Mod) apk


Nanuleu v1.14 (Mod) apk Nanuleu is a strategy game where you take control of ancient magical trees that protect the land from an invading dark force.

A destructive power is approaching, the ancient trees have sensed it and have awaken from the long sleep.

Gather resources and grow trees to repel the invaders. Each tree has a different role to play in this battle to protect the land.

**Second place winner of the Indie Game Maker Contest 2015.


“Nanuleu seems like one to try for any strategy fans.” – Touch Arcade

“This is definitely a game that you’ll keep wanting to come back to time and time again.” – App Advice

“Nanuleu is an excellent strategy game with tower defense elements.” – iTopNews


In the game, trees live in a peaceful world until invaders come to attack their territory. To protect themselves the trees have to expand their reach to gather resources and then use the resources to create defenses.

Each play-through generates a unique experience, through procedural generated maps and different enemy spawn locations. You must use strategy to over come the dark threat and save the land

The game features three different game modes: Apprentice, Warrior and Sage, that represent different difficulties.


 Nanuleu v1.14 (Mod) apk

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