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Ninja vs Zombie v2.4 (Mod Apk)

Ninja vs Zombie

 Ninja vs Zombie v2.4 (Mod Apk)
Ninja vs Zombie is one of the entertaining third person zombie games available on Google Play, one Ninja assassin, one Sword, lots of crazy zombies and wild bloody zombies in a shadow fight, defend your life by killing coming wild bloody zombies with different types of weapons and become a ninja assassin warrior, a tense and interesting endless gameplay, kill as many as zombies to set a high score.

Samurai sword Features:
Use your Samurai sword wisely in this shadow fight, use Spear to kill the all zombies in single Kill shot the zombies using ninja blades to prevent zombies to come closer to you. Be a ninja legend in zombie war by using weapon of revenge. Be aware if the monster strike and try to kill shot it because it is a third person zombie games survival game. It’s a game of war and you are a contract killer. Become a ninja hero in this zombie war and defend yourself with a fast ninja run.

A ninja Legend:
Ninja vs Zombie is a third person zombie game of a ninja legend who is in a zombie war. This Ninja hero has to play a game of war with his weapon of revenge. This ninja hero has to kill shot all the zombies in a zombie war using his great weapon of revenge. It’s a third person zombie survival game and you have to shadow fight the zombies and show that you are a great ninja assassin. Be very careful when the monster strike and kill shot the zombies in a ninja run. Just like a contract killer shadow fight to be a great ninja assassin in this game of war.
Be a Ninja assassin warrior when the monster strikes in this survival game of war. Ninja vs Zombie is a survival game and you would be in a zombie war in this Shadow fight. You have to be a good ninja assassin warrior to defeat the zombies in this game of war. Just like a contract killer kill shot all the zombies coming in your way. Show that you are a Ninja hero by using your weapon of revenge in this game of war. Be a great Ninja legend by defending yourself with your weapon of revenge.
War against zombie monsters:
Ninja run when the monster strike or use your weapon of revenge and kill shot all the zombies in this shadow fight. Ninja assassin warrior is a ninja hero and is brave like a contract killer in this game of war. Ninja vs Zombie is a great game in category of third person zombie games in which a Ninja legend plays like a survival game to become a ninja hero and show his skills to be a great ninja assassin warrior. Ninja vs Zombie is a game of a Ninja legend who plays like a contract killer when the monster strike.

Ninja vs Zombie Cautions:
Be aware these wild bloody zombies in this zombie town. It’s a challenge between ninja vs zombies. Use your sword to kill this blood zombies. Remember you also have a samurai sword, so you can say it’s a challenge between sword samurai vs zombies. You have never seen this type of sword samurai vs zombies game.
What you are thinking about future war?
The war has begun called Ghost War. You are hero as ninja assassinator. So this war is ninja assassin zombies war. This town is full of zombies defense yourself from these wild bloody zombies. One mission as ninja zombie defense remember to play this ninja zombie defense in this zombie town.

Ninja vs Zombie Features:
◆ Experience this ninja assassin zombies war game as your hero is third person controller
◆ A crowd of wild bloody zombies like melty zombie and a lot more dangerous zombies
◆ Intuitive touchscreen controls with play of amazing animations of ninja warrior
◆Thrilling warfare gameplay with full of action and strategy
◆HD graphics in zombie town and highly rigged ninja warrior
◆Realistic sounds effects of zombies and ninja sword attacks


Ninja vs Zombie
Ninja vs Zombie
Ninja vs Zombie
Ninja vs Zombie
Ninja vs Zombie
Ninja vs Zombie

Get a lot of money into the game, unlock all weapons. Character level 999 ~


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