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Novenia – Lianzhu Magic Adventure Festival v1.4.2 Mod Apk

Novenia - Lianzhu Magic Adventure Festival

Novenia – Lianzhu Magic Adventure Festival v1.4.2 Mod Apk *** The perfect combination of the first Japanese RPG fantasy adventure and Lianzhu eliminate
*** A number of well-known voice to help out together (Sugiyama Noriaki, Kakihara Toru, Horie by clothing, Sakura Aya sound …)
*** 3D multi-angle rendered gorgeous real battle
“Novemberia” brings you a new world of the same Lianzhu fighting experience!

“Novemberia” will be a combination of many classic elements, creating a new pearl elimination mode. Cute and cute Orthodox comic style wind, front-line CV familiar sound, allowing you to fight at the same time as the in-person animation; creative play line Lianzhu allows you to leisure at the same time, you can continue to challenge the strategic limits; minutes can get started, anytime, anywhere Enjoying Lianzhu pleasure!

Novenia Game Features
** Lianzhu eliminate the new game of high-energy attack **
Groundbreaking Lianzhu eliminate play, a variety of effects dazzling crit, an unprecedented drama strategy to eliminate the game experience.

** card collection summon to be under control
Hundreds of heroes wait for you to collect, reinforce, awaken, upgrade and develop your own dedicated team.

** gorgeous battle 3D scene real show **
Break the barriers, 2D mix and match 3D, multiple ways to display the perfect picture quality; fighting scenes full 3D stereoscopic rendering, multi-angle switching, seamless integration of physical combat, the ultimate combat experience immersive.

** New RPG Variety combat ready to enjoy **
Lianzhu trigger two yuan hero battle, attribute restraint, hero with, exclusive skills, a variety of strategies with your manipulation.

** cool skills experience fiery pleasure battle **
Dazzling gorgeous skills effects, hit a cool kill pleasure, to bring you a hearty battle experience.

** Guardian elite breakthrough unlimited career **
The latest system of professional guardian elves, breakthroughs to enhance the potential for your team outbreak of combat strength, there is no strongest, only stronger.

** well-known seiyuu luxury lineup effort to help out **
Japan’s top level seiyuu offerings, for you to bring the absolute luxury of hearing feast, fighting pleasure climbed the peak again.

** brain burning strategy to create the ultimate powerful clan **
Different teams with different combat experience, each hero has its own skills, the best team how to accomplish, all in your control.

** perfect team adventure journey hand in hand **
Powerful team play, and your friends swept all difficulties and obstacles, mysterious copy, adventurous journey, a variety of challenges side by side.

** live chat real-time direct online friendship **
Novenia create games real-time chat system, multi-channel dialogue, online command anytime, anywhere, invite friends to fight together.

The battle of mankind, elf and demon is already in full bloom. All elements and occupations are in full swing. The forces of evil are ready to go. The men of justice come and summon the power of even beads to launch the war of justice! What are you waiting for? Eliminate, Lianzhu, RPG, strategy, 3D, action and other classic elements, the first combination of bold innovation, all in the “Novemberia!” The cutest Japanese style, the most adorable occupation to develop, the latest Lianzhu eliminate combat games together to create your RPG strategy to eliminate the game, “Norse”!

Novenia game world view
Hundreds of years ago, the gods were already evacuated from the mainland, and the Mozu came suddenly out of nothing. It brazenly launched a war on all ethnic groups in mainland China.
Lost the gods shelter of all ethnic groups, under the invasion of the Mozu step backwards. Soon, the Mozu occupied a large area in the north, and since then multiply, and the Chinese nation finally got a respite.
However, everyone knows that this is only the quiet before the storm. Feeling the threat from the northern border, under the call of the Protoss descendants and kingdom leaders, the Virgins, humanity and all ethnic groups united to establish the northern defensive line. Mainly to humans, the joint East Asians, the forest elves, the giant alpine mountain alliance to jointly defend the invasion of the Mozu.
In response to the call of the kingdom, adventurers are also beginning to act for world peace. After tens of generations of hard work, originally loose adventurers have gradually formed a new force! The northern border, after hundreds of years after the multiplication of interest, but also began around the corner. The remains of ancient gods, floating cities and other legendary land also gradually in this era of the world.

Fans Address: https://www.facebook.com/NoveniaTW
Official Customer Service: csnwny@enjoygame.com

This game is free to use, the game also provides virtual game currency, items and other paid services.
Please pay attention to the game time, to avoid addiction.
This game deals with game characters dressed in appliqués or dress but without sex suggestion.
Some of the episodes involved violent attacks.


Mod Menu
God Mode
x5 Attack

Install steps:
1. Remove playstore version
2. Install mod APK
3. Enjoy


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