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Phuc Kich v2.2.23 Mod Apk

Phuc Kích

Phuc Kich v2.2.23 Mod Apk Apparel Click Mobile is the game the first person shooter (First Person Shooter – FPS) eSports latest standards issued by TDE. With the reputation and experience successfully issued shooter eSports celebrities – Punching Size PC, NPH TDE determination to bring to the gaming community FPS a free environment so that players can easily participate in eSports tournaments directly and experience the feeling of playing as a true eSports athletes from right on your smartphone
Coming to the ambush, gamers will be satisfied entirely passion FPS with the familiar mode: bomb, pain, team, zombie, ghost … Especially, TDE dedicated to new gamers hundreds of items, weapons legendary VIP.

Enroll Now the arena ambush, experience and passion with millions of FPS gamers in Vietnam. Download and fought hard, yet the gunners!

Ambush is mobile shooter with many varied game modes to meet 100% of gamers all tastes. League system of ambush is held regularly every month across the country, with a professional scale, attracting tens of thousands of gamers to participate Conquer FPS GOLD CUP CHAMPIONSHIP worth several hundred million.

❉ FIREARMS immense – you drop GA
Arsenal with hundreds of items and treasures inherit all the familiar Sniper equipped, knives, grenades ready to enchant its unique people most demanding gamers.
Especially ambush “by hand” the character design, equipped with “pure Vietnamese” which do not have a mobile game yet made. You want to own Ngoc Dieu Cay plug destroy the enemy?

❉ familiar mode – LEGENDARY MAP
Bomb standard FPS, Zombie War v4, match wits with AI, Tournament or … competed fiercely with ghosts Ghost is the mode familiar to all FPS gamers. The legendary football map Dust II, Institute are depicted and beautifully in ambush Mobile.

Beyond the traditional FPS gameplay, companion – Drones are invaluable assistant for all gamers overcome the toughest hurdle BOSS.
Super Vietnamese skills, shape varies, the optimal upgrade – Drone War Support – The only in ambush Mobile

Experience the new, role-emotional sublimation is the “not-been-there” that gamers can only feel when experiencing ambush on VR devices and game-pad diameter. Serving size is pleased shooter first virtual reality on mobile in Vietnam.

❉ updates What’s New in 1018?
– Launching weapons SET Birthday
– Supplement 3 new QCMM
• Birthday QCMM A: QCMM providing opportunities M4A1-XS Birthday ownership or permanent PK Tong
• QCMM Birthday B: QCMM bring KAC-ownership opportunities Dual D.E-Birthday Birthday or permanently
• Birthday QCMM C: QCMM bring Apocalypse-ownership opportunities Grenades Birthday Birthday or permanently
– Additional character skills Jade Rabbit Anti-smoke and + 10HP
– Additional Map deserted town in bomb mode
– Additional Map Merry Xmas in Sniper mode, Knife, football team
– Additional Map Society flower in bomb mode, single play
– Additional Map Birthday mode Knife, Sniper
– Open the Occupy Point 2
– Upgrades and system improvements
• Team game mode: There are number of network choices in one united whole (40 60 80 100)
• Mode bomb: It may look full of half of one half in the match (5 7 9 11)
• WarClan Mode: Skip the map Research Institute at Warclan mode and bombs.

Configure ❉ Android
• Chip: 4 1.2GHz CPU Cores
• RAM: 1GB
• Version: Android 4.4 or higher
• Available memory capacity: 2GB or more


Phục Kích
Phục Kích
Phục Kích
Phục Kích
Phục Kích
Phục Kích

Mega Movement Speed


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