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Pocket Troops for VKontakte v1.16.0 Apk

Pocket Pocket Troops for VKontakte v1.16.0 Apk

What’s New

– Legendary Weapons: AK-47, L96 Sniper Rifle, “Lawbringer”, RGA-86, Maxim Gun and many more.
– Armory and Temporary Storage: to store skills and weapons and to share them between troopers.
– “BKB” skill update: blindness, stun and fire damage resistance through the whole battle, plus health bonus.
– New battle VFx and SFx.
– Bug fixes and optimization.
Dedicated to the The 54th Anniversary of Ernest Hemingway’s Death. The author of a legendary novel “A Farewell to Arms”.

Pocket Troops is the most feel-good war game ever. Recruit rookies, train them hard, equip with special skills and weapons. Step into the battle with millions of other players worldwide!As the Commander of this clumsy brigade, your role is to recruit and train troopers one by one. They will fight and act in the way you train and equip them in HQ, controlled by their own AI.

Cross your fingers and cheer for your squad! Battles happen in short and catchy sessions. It’s a perfect bite-sized game to play in a traffic jam, when waiting for someone or yawning…

* Recruit, train and command your own super-trooper army.
* Kick other Commanders’ arses worldwide and gather the loot.
* Stand against Evil, Professor Evil, and the army of his minions.
* Twelve challenging missions with unexpected storyline twists.
* Upgrade and protect your Headquarters. Your Base. Your Fortress. Well, you got it…
* Six unique trooper classes with awesome skills.
* Large selection of weapons and equipment. Our favorites are Stone, Molotov Cocktail, Lewis Gun and Laser Rifle.

In the HQ you have everything you need:
* Exercisers in the Gym to pump iron and make Rockies out of your rookies.
* Cash Printing Device for those who have big spendings. Illegal? Nope, nobody told us that. It is just for pocket money.
* Nobody dies in Pocket Troops. Fish tank and top-notch Hospital equipment will help your troopers recover from any injuries.
* Day Room upgrades to provide comfort and convenience to relax in between battles.

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NOTE: A network connection is required to play.

Pocket Troops is completely free to play. However, some game resources can also be purchased for real money. Under the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Pocket Troops.


Pocket Troops for VKontakte v1.16.0 Apk


Pocket Troops for VKontakte v1.16.0 Apk

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