Monday , May 25 2020

Punch Boxing 3D apk

Punch Boxing 3D apk

This is #1 world’s combat game available for Android. I am the best……

To many bugs I really like this game but it’s way to frustrating. Half the time the punches do not register or throws an extra of the same punch. Ex..i throw an uppercut then hit block instead of it blocking it throws an extra uppercut. During fights sometimes nothing registers and you just stand there taking a beating. It lasts anywhere from 5 to 20 seconds. Even during the menu screen it sometimes does that. I believe to much time was spent on graphics than gameplay. Very fun game when it works properly.
I cant train my boxer because of the time which is like 80000 days,why is that tho? Other than that Its a good game great graphics and very addictive but a lil bit too expensive please update and make some changes as it relates to my problem and other users’ problems as well till then you will receive a five star rate!!!
You guys got to fix 2 things the amount of money you get per fight and the fact that you got to wait 11min just to play again thats seriusly takes the fun off the game if you are going to do such a thing please make it 3min or 5 because its only getting the fun of the game when you could be doing more things like fighting and I almost forgot you guys really time training are you kidding me training should not be limited besides dnt you think practise makes perfect so please fix these and than ill give it a

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