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Push&Escape v 1.03 Mod Apk (Unlocked)

Push&Escape v 1.03 Mod Apk (Unlocked)


It’s not just another simple puzzle game.

‘Push & Escape’ can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It’s freely available to anyone willing to try a new Domino puzzle game.

Put your brains to the ultimate test!

Move, lift, and push 11 different types of Dominos to knock down the final Domino!

But that’s not all. You have to remember your way out and get out of there!

With the delight of knocking down dominos, fall into the world of ‘Push & Escape’

Warning: Intensely-addicting!



★ 11 Dominos made in 11 perfect laws of physics

★ Over 200 stages to challenge (Frequent updates)

★ As you go on to the next stages, new types of Dominos appear

★ Realistic graphics and 3D animations

★ 5 Different beats from global sounds

★ 5 Genres of dancing character animations (Breakdance, Hip-hop, Locking, House, Poppin’)

★ New Genre in Puzzles


11 Types of Dominos:
★ Regular Domino – Regular dominos. Apply force and they knock over. If they fall to the next domino, it will knock the other domino over.

★ Final Domino – This is the final domino that needs to get knocked over for you to complete the mission. This one is fixed; you can’t move it.

★ Infinite Domino – Infinite dominos move forward continuously until it meets the next Regular domino.

But Wall Dominos, Bomb Dominos, Terrain Dominos, Up Dominos, Delay Dominos cannot stop the Infinite Dominos.

★ Wall Domino – These Wall Dominos cannot be knocked over. It repels any dominos and bounces them back. Even if these don’t fall over, you can still complete the mission.

★ Up Domino – Up Dominos ‘go up!’ They climb up and fall down when they meet the ground above.

★ Ground Domino – Ground Dominos turn into ground and create land.

★ Split Domino – If a domino falls down into another domino from the ground above, the bottom domino splits into two ways.

★ Bomb Domino – Kaboom! Bomb dominos will blow up the ground!

★ Delay Domino – When applied force, Delay Dominos fall down slowly, not right away.

★ Vanish Domino – Vanish Dominos disappear into thin air when applied force.

★ Zero Gravity Domino – Zero Gravity Dominos cannot be affected by ground. When applied force, these dominos disappear.

Escape EscapeEscape

Push&Escape v 1.03 Mod Apk (Unlocked)

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