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Random Knights: Adamant Destiny v1.0.9 mod apk


Random Knights: Adamant Destiny v1.0.9 mod apk Random Knights: Adamant Destiny is a roguelike 2D RPG you control your warriors and avengers fighting Leviathan, the dark dragon and its monster army in the uncharted land in pixel anime style.

Epic battle chronicle with simple controls!
In every infinity game your destiny quest is to choose your heroes and warriors to build or forge your team! Your quest is to get them ready to fight the monster, the dark knight and find the adamant.

– Over 130 playable classes – from the grim reaper guarding the gate, the harbinger of death and its cult of doom, the valkyrie and her camelot kingdom descendants, the grimm creatures, the predator of the forests, wolf in the desert, assassins in the creed, and of course, you can also choose knight, rogue, ninja, wizard, mage, shaman and even the dark knight – just like those appear in mmorpg! Not to forget the leviathan itself!

– Pull a part! Find random loots as you advance!

– Slay monster and level up your bravo warriors!

– Roguelike 2D! But you unlock new monster to your bloodline so you get stronger every time you play!

– Find powerful weapons throughout the journey which helps you advance the infinity tower.

– Recruit some survivor to join your party!

– Evolve the monster to get stronger in your quest!

– Random tower level every time you cruise Random Knights: Adamant Destiny!

– Earn a garnet called adamant to help you out in the destiny quest!

– Infinity RPG roguelike 2D battle

– Many races, numerous monsters from western fantasies to the path of oriental trading.

– Random tower levels and warriors / bosses encounters

– Random rewarding treasures – upgrade your rogue with loots!

– Much more classes in the coming updates soon! New heroes and warriors will be adding periodically in this RPG! Of course, they evolve also.

– Different spells and moveset – Discover which kind of moves are super effective against which kind of monsters – Like dark spells are super effective against holy units.

COMING SOON! – Features Roadmap, check on our updates!
– Different game modes – build your empire and protect your homeland.
– In the build mode (coming soon) you can build your town with loot you found!
– You can upgrade the buildings, make a valkyrie castle to help with your quest!
– You can also unlock monsters by building barracks!
– Craft and forge weapons with ally blacksmith!
– Compete with your friends
– Put warriors and heroes in your garrison to defend against your friends!
– Send out avengers to your friends’ towns and pillage!

This is your destiny quest!
Get prepared for a retro 8bits RPG journey!


Random Knights: Adamant Destiny v1.0.9 mod apk

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