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Retaliation Enemy Mine v1.87 mod apk


Retaliation Enemy Mine v1.87 mod apk a mix of which is randomly generated on the board, though there are some pre-set epic maps. Mountains, forests, rivers, roads… all these determine the ease or struggle of movement and combat. Different strategies will emerge with unique terrain layouts, giving each multiplayer game a fresh feel for endless strategy.

Retaliation: EM is a game of trade-offs, players must learn to balance between seizing opportunities and defending against threats: Do I raid the enemy’s supply lines and leave my base vulnerable? Do I advance my soldiers or hide in hopes of an ambush opportunity? Do I engage in small skirmishes or launch a single assault with a huge army?! Constantly faced with game-changing decisions…

Two key balances to the game are Army Composition and Map Control. The three types of units each have their own strengths & weaknesses so the players must take into account what the enemy has when making their own reinforcements and positioning their army on the board. On the map, there are ‘rich’ terrains that generate the most resources; these also tend to be the most vulnerable and may even not be optimal for one’s strategy. You must decide when to let the enemy hold onto those resources or when to fight over them!

If you like turn-based strategy games…or if you’ve been wronged recently…you will love Retaliation!


– AI with a PhD in rocket science
– Gazillion random maps for endless fun
– 21 different terrains to influence your tactical decisions
– Wide variety of game modes
– On-/off line multiplayer with other players and AIs
– Ability to forge and break alliances
– Fog-of-War setting if you can handle the suspense!


Retaliation Enemy Mine activation steps (required for online multiplayer

1. Register a Retaliation account, if you haven’t one already, through the forums

2. Login to the game server with your account credentials.

3. Click on “Game activation”, then copy and paste the Retaliation
Activation Key (that was emailed to your email address when you bought the
game) and press the “Activate Game” button.

4. Enter your account credentials in the game/app (Multiplayer menu >
Setup > User & Password)

Note: in case for some reason you didn’t receive your Activation Key when
you purchased the game, please contact and we’ll resend it to you.


 Retaliation Enemy Mine v1.87 mod apk

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