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Return To Castle Wolfenstein (RTCW) Touch Apk v2.11

RTCWReturn To Castle Wolfenstein (RTCW) Touch Apk v2.11 Apk FULL GAME DATA IS NOT INCLUDED! Please read the description before buying (No really, please read it πŸ™‚

This an UNOFFICIAL Source port of Return To Castle Wolfenstein by Beloko Games





‘Return To Castle Wolfenstein” is a registered trademark of Activision and id Software. All trademarks are used under the terms of Fair Use. Screen shots are for demonstration purposes only.
I am in no way connected with Activision or id Software. This is a GPL port of RTCW and fully complies with the license.
This version does NOT contain the full RTCW game data!
To play the full version, you need to have the RTCW game files and copy them to your Android device.
These files are:

PAK0.PK3 (308MB)

Return To Castle Wolfenstein is available to buy from Steam –

Please contact support if you’re unclear as to the meaning of this.

NO RISK PURCHASE – As with all my apps, this has full money-back guarantee at ANY time.

Adapted from Pandora port by ptitSeb.

The is a port of the Single player game Return To Castle Wolfenstein (Multiplayer not yet supported).

I have spent a lot of time getting the touch screen controls as perfect as possible, some of the updates:

*Menu system items now touchable – no need to drag an on screen mouse .
*Auto soft keyboard when entering text, also moves textbox so not obscured keyboard.
*Added a new real autoaim feature for bullet weapons
*Sniper mode – hold down reload button to reduce look sensitivity, also good for binoculars.
*Pull down console in game
*3 ways to change weapon – Next/Prev button, Weapon Wheel, Number buttons
*Game Inventory fully accessible.
It features the best highly customisable controls available for any FPS.

Fully customize touch screen controls:
*Move all game buttons
*Analog move and strafe
*Resize all game buttons
*Change sensitivity for all analog inputs
*Mouse mode or Joystick mode to turn
*Invert look up/down
*Optional double tap to Jump/Shoot
*Change controls transparency
*Map volume buttons to any game action

Gamepad support – customize all inputs and buttons, invert and change sensitivity.
Confirmed to work with (so far):
* XBOX 360 wired controller
* Moga Pro
* Moga Pocket
* Snakebyte
* Nyko Playpad
* Sony PS3 controller with the Sixaxis app.
It should work with most controllers, let me know if it works with yours!

To change gamepad axis sensitivity, long press on the axis on the Gamepad tab.

Please contact support if you are experiencing ANY difficulties. Thank you.

Please note: This game requires a reasonably powerful device, if you find it does not run well enough on your device let me know and I will issue a full refund.
To map the volume keys use the GAMEPAD tab.

Remember, you need to copy the RTCW files to:


*To enable cheats enter this into the Args: +set sv_cheats 1
*Hold down Reload button for sniper mode
*Go to Options->View and increase Crosshair size and Alpha
*Enable Dynamic Lights on fast devices
*You need a Google Play device using the account you use to purchase to run

I am going to try and use Facebook to post news, please ‘like’ this group to keep up to date.

This app contains no code from RTCW4A.


Return To Castle Wolfenstein (RTCW) Touch Apk v2.11


Return To Castle Wolfenstein (RTCW) Touch Apk v2.11

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