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Rise & Destroy v1.1 Моd (Unlimited Money + Unlocked)


A brand-new strategic action destruction game with your own team of powerful monsters! Smash cities in this monster adventure! Use strategy and a team of massive bugs, dinosaurs and creatures to rampage your way through enemy buildings to take your planet back from the greedy humans.

The monsters were supposed to keep the planet safe, but while they were sleeping humans came and stole all their technology, kidnapped their monster friends and built cities all over! The only way to get your technology back and restore the planet to its proper order is to wake up and smash all those cities to bits.

• Unlock powerful monsters through your campaign of destruction across the map
• Smash thousands of buildings in 60 levels of gameplay across diverse environments
• Evolve your Monsters and conquer fire, electricity, and ice elemental powers for maximum damage
• Strategize combinations and use puzzle physics to your advantage to create an amazing demolition domino effect
• Complete Monster Cup Challenges in each level to gain better rewards and bonus items
• Manage reclaimed technology and monsters in a super cool control cave
• Get tiny but mighty creeplings to help defend your monster against the humans

Rise & Destroy is completely free to install and play, however some game items can be purchased for real money.


Rise & Destroy v1.1 Моd (Unlimited Money + Unlocked)

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