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Robot Rundown v1.0.13 Apk Download

RundownRobot Rundown v1.0.13 Apk Download

What’s New

First release of Robot Rundown!
Slice your enemies! Slide through Space! Save your skin! She’s no ordinary robot!
You are SOL-BOT, an under appreciated medical droid for the Star Ship Transolar. After a freak accident leaves your vessel in shambles, you are ordered to be disassembled — but that’s not an option. Armed with nothing but deadly laser saws, a solar shield, and your snarky wit, you must escape the clutches of the evil UGCA and find a new vessel to call home! You better start running!
Mow down countless enemies, journey to the far reaches of space, and interact with unique and interesting characters as you run from the law and leave a path of destruction in your robot wake. It’s going to get messy!

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