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SecondDay v1.4 APK (Full)


SecondDay v1.4 APK (Full) What will end the story of Robert? What happened to Amy? Like an epidemic, and what it will bring all this chaos? All players will learn the answers to the final episode of the last games SecondDay!

The plot tells the story of Robert, who is riding in a car with his friend Max to his daughter. And not just riding and trying to get home as soon as possible. The thing is that Max, a scientist in some government agency, found that the military are going to drop bombs on several towns. Including the one where the little daughter of Robert Emmy. Why all of a sudden and why the government decided on these measures – is to learn as the game progresses.

The game is made in the genre of action-adventure. During the passage of the player initially need to get to the daughter of the main character. To be thoughtful wander through the locations, explore the world, to find different things and solve puzzles.
From time to time you will have to decide – what to do or where to go next? The choice will depend on the player’s further narrative stories. Sometimes, the decision will have to be taken quickly, otherwise Robert die and have to start from the last autosave.
Beautiful backgrounds, interactive three-dimensional screen savers on the engine Unity3D and author’s music creates its own original spirit. If you are a fan of horror, adventure quests, mysterious atmosphere and a good graphics – this game is definitely worth playing!

– Gloomy style with its visual style,
– Terrible atmosphere,
– Non-linear passage,
– Hidden Object and puzzle-solving,
– A combination of 2D and 3D graphics,
– Interactive screensavers,
– Music, which allows better penetrate the world of the game.

This and much more includes SecondDay from ImpressPeople.

– Grim stylistics with own visual style,
– Great atmosphere,
– Nonlinear story,
– Search for items and solving puzzles,
– An interesting combination of 2D and 3D graphics,
– Interactive cutescenes,


SecondDay v1.4 APK (Full)


SecondDay v1.4 APK (Full)

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