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Segreta v1.0545 Apk Mod

SegretaTime to get Shelia out of this dungeon Segreta v1.0545 Apk Mod.

Shelia has been sitting in this dank, disgusting pit for far too long. Tired of waiting for someone to rescue her, she takes matters into her own hands. Grabbing a sword and a helmet from one of the defeated heroes who have tried to rescue her, she starts hacking a path to freedom Segreta v1.0545 Apk Mod.

Segreta is a roguelike which includes completely randomized levels and treasure chest gains. Collect coins and purchase items from the in-game store to add new powers to your dungeon-exploring adventures.

Collect powerups, buy items, defeat the enemies, grab the gems and gain the self-respect that comes with making it out of this Dungeon Crawler Segreta alive!

Permanent powerups and other items can be purchased from the in-game store with coins collected from treasure chests and defeating enemies. You can buy bunches of coins in of 1,000, 10.000 and 100,000 coins from the in-game store as well!

Attacking takes place automatically, when you get near enough to an enemy. Swords, axes and spears have different properties. Try them out to find the one you like best!

– Completely free.
– Procedurally generated levels makes the game completely different every play-through.
– Several different enemy types.
– Classic roguelike with a modern twist.
– Combat is fast-paced and frenetic.
– Ideal for one-handed play.
– No ads and no nag screens. IAP are for additional coins to buy optional items.
– Sublime pixel art style.

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Segreta v1.0545 Apk Mod


Segreta v1.0545 Apk Mod

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