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Shovel Commandos v1.1 + Mod Money APK


Shovel Commandos v1.1 + Mod Money APK What is life! Shoveling to death! No need rifles! Shoveling all the way!
Your life here will be like a hell! Welcome to the hell shoveling unit.
Mission impossible! Start an impossible mission with a shovel!
The best real blind-end labor clicker game “Just do it! The best shoveling unit”!
You can experience the essence of never-ending shoveling game!

■ Game features ■
▶ All coins and items start with shoveling and end with shoveling.
▶ Special skills not needed, all you need is shoveling to play the game
▶ The more you shovel the more soldiers and equipment you get
▶ More than ten various soldiers and equipment
▶ More than thirty unique quests
▶ Real shoveling action soldiers
▶ Twenty different trainings such as CRBN training and winter training
▶ Various items such as ramen noodles, Mat-da-si, and MREs
▶ Sleeping is waste of time! Power trip items
▶ Different events such as Injuries or AWOL if you abuse them >?

▶ No matter raining or snowing! Shoveling all the way!


 Shovel Commandos v1.1 + Mod Money APK

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