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Sky Hop Saga Apk v1.1 MOD (Unlocked)


Sky Hop Saga Apk v1.1 MOD (Unlocked)  Your skill and wits will be put to the ultimate test in epic battles against Sky Hop Saga bosses! Outplay and outsmart them or be crushed…!

Use coins collected during your adventures to unlock new worlds and an ever expanding cast of cool, quirky and awesome characters!

Sky Hop Saga is charming and unique arcade endless hopper like no other!

Standout features include:
• Beautiful hand painted and animated Isometric 2D world and characters

• Simple, intuitive, one touch control system. The user may only have four swipes, but timing, reflexes, and smart play will completely differentiate the average player from the very best! This is also what we believe will give the game its virility and main stream appeal!

• Boss Fights! Yes epic fights which reward victorious players with in game gold are infused seamlessly into the endless runner paradigm with zero change in the control system.

• Unlike most infinite runners, Sky Hop Saga’s world will grow infinitely in all four directions, leading to a completely procedurally generated world that is different on every single play through.

• Zero pay to win! In game gold can be used to purchase character and world skins which do not alter the difficulty of the game in any way!

• Zero forced advertising! Users can voluntarily watch high quality gaming advertisements and be rewarded with in game gold.

• Adventure/RPG and design elements fused into the endless runner genre where:
◦ Traditional menu systems are replaced with NPCs in a traditional RPG “Town” home hub
◦ Characters and monsters react to in-game events with funny cartoon emoticons
◦ Fantasy/Whimsical character designs
◦ Awesome power ups to fly, block fireballs and slow time
◦ You would think you were playing an endless Zelda game!


Sky Hop Saga Apk v1.1 MOD (Unlocked)

 Sky Hop Saga Apk v1.0 (Unlocked)

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