Tuesday , May 26 2020

SnowCraft – Yeti Wars! v 1.0.0


Ready to play in the most advanced block shooter with realistic weapons, lots of different creatures and blood? Blood will be everywhere.
This is not Siberia, this is the real hell!Features:
• Exclusive game. This is not another copy!
• The new version of improved engine of MultiCraft.
• Very exclusive and realistic textures.
• A wide range of weapons ( from revolver to bazookas!)
• Realistic physics.
• It’s a real Winter.
• High optimization for all devices.
• Yeti (young, adult, killer, zombie and boss) – 5 different mobs.
• Reindeer (young, adult and zombie) – 3 different creature.
• Polar Bear (baby, adult and zombie) – 3 different creature.
• Total 11 different creatures with their behavior and resources
Mobs will be fighting not only with you, but also among themselves for the right to dominate. They will attack you together or by themselves. They will appear in the most unexpected places and will make you to be afraid a lot of times!

• Knives (stone, iron and diamond)
• Hand grenade
• Medieval Revolver
• Powerful Shotgun
• Everyone’s favorite AK-47
• Legendary P90
You can shoot your enemies, can to collect weapons, search for the trunks and just try to survive.
Do the sound louder. Realistic sound of monsters, weapons and the environment will simply drag you into the game atmosphere!

— — —
Outdoor sourse code based on the draft of Minetest. All rights are reserved. LGPLv3.0


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