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Soda Dozer: Coin Pusher v1.0.2 Mod Apk Money

Soda Dozer: Coin Pusher

Soda Dozer: Coin Pusher v1.0.2 Mod Apk Money Welcome to the Soda Factory. Beverage & bubbles are two things we make here. Let’s begin a family friendly immersive tour to show you how soda bottles are made in the most fun way and how beverage & bubbles get along with each other. Kill you spare time in this fun soda themed factory. There is a built in casino with coin dozer pusher to earn free gold. Plus mini games like the Spin Fortune Wheel and 777 Jackpot Party Slot will prove to be an absolute time killer for you. Buckle up! This is gonna be a one heck of a time passer for you.

Right next to the soda bottling plant where we make fizzy drinks and fruit cocktail, a chip dozer table has been set up, spend countless hours pushing coins. While you do this, get rewarded with coin, gold, chips and other rewards as you push off more coins in this interactive lab. Beware! This might hook you up for hours for it has been hailed as the most addictive virtual casino series ever where a never ending series of nonstop fun will hardly let you go away. Fast food and juicy fruit cocktail haters! Look away.

There is a juicy Spin Fortune Wheel installed where you can spin the wheel and try your luck to win big. This might be your only chance to gamble on the roulette based in a soda factory because how often do you get to see a Spin Wheel inside a 3D soda plant.

Bubbles, burgers, drinks, fastfood, fizzy drinks, fruit shakes & cocktails, ice cubes, lemon, pizza, scoop of ice-cream, smoothy and pizza slices, We have everything. Grab a pop corn bucket & refill your bottles, There are multiple layers of fun, no chance on the spin? Try luck at hitting 777 casino jackpot at party slot machine to get the ultimate reward. That you can do only by resting your Pop corn aside.

Refill yourself, push as many coins as you want but what’s the fun if you are not pushing hard enough. That’s why there’s a challenging quest section in the factory. Each quest level is a mission to meet a particular goal. Pace up your quest movement by powerful power-ups and upgrades. We know what you’re thinking! ‘It’s a unique soda factory, it supposed to have bottle openers and soda pipes’. It sure is unique with its stunning variety of fun spaces. The only casino in the world where you are allowed to spill your shake on the machine.

As you proceed in your adorable and lively soda fun factory the gift shop will shower countless fancy items like burgers, pizza slices, ice cream scoops, fizzy fruit cocktails drinks, fast food, pop corns, smoothies and what not. Who doesn’t want a burger, pizza and some shake as a gift. Win free rewards, earn bonus items and keep all your prizes as collectible items in your prize cabinet collection. This is gonna be an exotic treat!

It always feels like there’s a carnival going on in this wonderful fun filled place with ice cream, french fries and so much party in one place. There will be regular festivals where you will be awarded with prizes and cute items that will refresh you. With superb colorful theme, the soda fiesta will let you know how the soda factory operates with fair amount of fun there. Relive your fun moments as you dreamed them to be. Make the most out of the Soda Gala set in a calm environment.

Realistic and easy to play but hard to master. Cute graphics and spectacular 3D environment make it look like a carousal. Smooth physics and mechanics test your ability to win big, sharpen your skill, technique and expertise. It’s a fun endless game with good graphics and addictive mechanics.

Celebrate monthly events and holidays with sale on items, and get special discounts to keep you engaged all day long, in this soda theme casino frenzy. Relive your cool childhood memories of fancying you favorite Charlie in the Chocolate factory. It’s just that minus the Charlie and chocolate which is replaced with Soda and you as Charlie. The briefing is over. The only instruction we’d give you to make the most out of it is ENJOY!!

Soda Dozer: Coin Pusher
Soda Dozer: Coin Pusher
Soda Dozer: Coin Pusher
Soda Dozer: Coin Pusher
Soda Dozer: Coin Pusher
Soda Dozer: Coin Pusher

Mod Features:
– Infinite Coins : 2.123.456.789
– Infinite Gold : 2.123.456.789
– Infinite Spin : 2.123.456.789
– Infinite Postion : 2.123.456.789
– Infinite Dollars : 2.123.456.789
– Fast Level UP


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