Monday , February 24 2020

Somnia – The world of dreams v 1.0 (Mod Money)


What if you’d be stuck in your dreams?

The game’s story focuses mainly on the world of dreams in which the protagonist, Vincent, is trapped. An unprecedented trip, faithful companions, cards, and strange monsters make magical the adventure of our hero.

A multitude of fantastic places to be visited. Unlock certain areas and get rich with the money of the place, the so-called Forgotten Souls. But be careful! Nightmares are always lurking. In most cases you will need to prepare for combat, by training or enhancing owned Memories (cards) or by searching for others more powerful.

Each Memory or Nightmare is associated with one of the seven items in the world of Somnia: Fire, Water, Nature, Electricity, Poison, Darkness and Light.
Becouse of this we must pay attention to what Memory to use in combat in order to better address the enemy, which will prove weak or resistant to a specific element.


Somnia – The world of dreams v 1.0 (Mod Money)

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